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Wednesday, 4 May 2022


  Hi  cat lover friends

I'm sure some of you know me.

I believe you know by now our friend Sue/Ike
 passed away last week.
I was heartbroken  when I found out .
I still can't believe we lost her...
She was such an amazing and kind person.
I believe lots of us were friends with her and she will be missed.
Rest in peace dear Sue... ❤

I decided to keep running this blog challenge.
I take over SUYP challenge from Ginny.
Ginny was friend with Ike and she 
help out  with blog when Ike couldn’t .
SUYP challenge start 2015

I did not want to see this blog closed, because I know Ike
 loved cats as much as I do. 
She was very devoted on her island to  spay stray cats.
Ike is irreplaceable...

 I will run next challenge on June 1st. 
I need to make some ideas for prizes.
 I can't promise that I will be able to do prizes every challenge
 but I will do my best.
Hope you will keep playing in the challenge.
Let your friends know that challenge is still going.

This is haiku from Ike ,from last year Cat lovers blog hop:

Little fur ball
He says mew mew mew all day
Makes my face smile


  1. That was a super tribute Fiki. I am glad you have taken up the SUYP challenge. It's a lovely way to honour the memory of our friend Sue. Hugs.

  2. I am happy that this challenge is continuing. It is a lovely way to honour Ike (Sue).

  3. Fiki, I am THRILLED you are taking over the SUYP challenge!! THANK YOU for doing that. That is fabulous news. It is a wonderful tribute to Ike that you will carry this on. Love that you shared her cat poem from last year's Hop.

    I would be honored to donate a prize to a USA winner if you can find others that would donate for international winners.
    Take care and thanks again, dear friend!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

    1. Thank you Janis. You are great! I will contact you,Im sure I will not always have prize..

  4. Fiki I am thrilled you are continuing SUYP challenge! I for one would still participate even without prizes! There are a lot of challenges out there that don't offer up prizes. For me, it's the thrill of making the card.

  5. I agree with Suze - I am happy that this challenge is continuing. It is a lovely way to honour Ike (Sue).

  6. I am delighted that you are continue with SUYP . It is a wonderful tribute to Sue’s memory I am sure she would have love to see her Blog Challenge dedicated to her passion for cats continue. Wishing you every success Ginny
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  7. This is wonderful news, Fiki! I am so sad about Ike - I think she touched the lives of many of us crafters, especially us cat lovers. Thank you for taking over the challenge, my friend. It will be a great tribute to Ike, and we will keep her memory alive as we make our cat cards and link them up here. I can't think of anyone better to run this challenge than you, Fiki! Sending hugs.

    1. Thank you Kitty. I will try to do my best.

  8. I think it is great you are continuing Ike's cat challenge I prefer non prize challenges. If you need prizes I am happy to donate sometimes within UK postage if that helps? My email is on blog. Vee xx

  9. That's great that you're continuing on with the challenge Fiki!! Sending hugs

  10. I still start each day for a bit before I remember that Sue has gone to a better place with no pain and only happiness. Tears still come and I miss her so very much! We all lost a wonderful loving friend and all the comments are a testimony to her beautiful spirit! I think she would love that you are continuing her challenge, Fiki! Thank you for giving us this monthly challenge to participate in and show our love and remember our precious friend! A huge hug to Ginny who helped us so much with Ike's World Challenges, too!

  11. Fiki, I am glad to see that you take up the SUYP challenge. I can help with donating prizes for European winners. You know my email and I will be glad to help any time you need it. Hugs, my friend.

  12. Fiki I am so glad you decided to keep running this blog challenge. You don't need to have prizes just the top cat and top 3 badges. A lot of other challenge blogs don't have prizes. Best wishes

  13. Such sad news. <My thoughts are with her family and her cats who will miss her. Good luck with your running of this great challenge blog