Welcome to SUYP CATS LOVERS' CHALLENGES. Come and join us with all your Kitty Kreations and snag some furbulous FUR-EEBIES throughout the Posts or from the FREEBIES page at the top of the Blog. You may use any images you like and make any type of projects but a CAT has to be the main focus. Hi, it's Fiki.I decided to keep running this blog challenge as a tribute to our dear friend Sue. ❤ I did not want to see this blog closed, because I know Ike/Sue loved cats as much as I do. She was very devoted on her island to spaying stray cats. Ike is irreplaceable...


Wednesday 1 June 2022


 Welcome to the new Challenge here at SUYP 


I,Fiki will run this challenge .
I hope we will have great time togheter and that we can carry on 
this blog challenge as tribute to our dear Ike.
I'm sure she left big impact on all of us and she left 
emptiness in hearts.
I can't express my sadness that she is gone.
She did such amazing things even though we never met in person.

And now, on to our meuuw Challenge #77  .......
FURRYTHING GOES/Friendship,love

Your Purr-ize for this month is.....

All you have to do fur this Challenge is produce a creation which has a CAT as the main feature . 
You can make anything you like - Cards, Journal pages, Mixed Media, Sewing etc. etc.  so long as the main feature is a CAT    =^..^=

I use Ike's image
Mood cat

You can make any type of purr-oject and you may use ANY images you like fur these Challenges, but a CAT must be the MAIN FEATURE.

Please spray us a nice calling card comment 
and make us purr with delight, and feel free to snag a Challenge Badge
 fur your Blog and go tell all your kitty loving friends  :-D 

Come along then - out of those kitty baskets and sharpen up those claws. 
You may enter as many times as you lick  like  :-)
Meeuw creations only please - NO Back-licking  Back-linking. !!

You can still find Ikes freebies here on the blog.
Please be respectful and do as rules says.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!


You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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  1. I'm so glad you are keeping it going, Fiki! We all miss Sue terribly but having her SUYP challenge continue will comfort all of us. If you need any help, just call on me. :-D

  2. I am so happy that you are continuing with this challenge. I am so sad because of Ike ... hugs xx

  3. Wonderful that this blog is continuing. What could be a better tribute to Ike in that she be honoured in this way. Will try and find a suitable pussy or two. Thanks for stepping up and keeping it going Fiki. HUGZ

  4. So happy that you are continuing on with the challenge blog, Fiki! What a lovely tribute to Ike! I miss her too, such a kind, caring, and thoughtful lady. I will be happy to support you here, my friend, and will plan to be back with my cat cards each month. Wishing you much success - and fun - with this new adventure!

  5. I join the others in thanking you for keeping this challenge going as a tribute to Ike. Still can't believe she's gone, as she was such a big presence. Your card is so beautiful, and the sentiment is touching.

  6. Thanks for taking the challenge forward! Great "mews" for all of us as we remember Ike!

  7. Congratulations for continuing the challenge, Fiki. If I can help (with prizes) please let me know. Kisses!!!