Welcome to SUYP CATS LOVERS' CHALLENGES. Come and join us with all your Kitty Kreations and snag some furbulous FUR-EEBIES throughout the Posts or from the FREEBIES page at the top of the Blog. You may use any images you like and make any type of projects but a CAT has to be the main focus.


Monday, 28 March 2016


Hi there and welcome to our furbulous Challenge #4 - LUCKY KITTY,  Week 5.
Well - we can be lucky for all sorts of reasons can't we. ? Health, family, friends, good food, shelter and many things. I am sure you can find something to feel lucky about - right ???

We have a 5 week month this time so an extra week with our Fur-bulous Sponsor  KNITTY KITTIES, who have kindly offered 3 single Digital Images from their Shop to the lucky Winner.

Prize; 3 Single Digital Images

I  went shopping for some Knitty Kitties last week and so today I have a newly coloured one to show you.

This is Knitty Kitty........" DEEP SEA DIVER ".
My island here in Greece was once a major world supplier of sea sponges and the men used to go out for months on the boats to dive for them. Many of them were killed or injured with The Bends ( decompression sickness), due to the lack of proper diving equipment and safety. They no longer fish for them today and the sponges are starting to grow again on the rocks around us. The sea here is fabulous for Scuba diving and Snorkeling.
My Knitty Kitty is  Lucky because he has the proper gear. :-) 

I coloured my Knitty Kitty with Spectrum Noir pens using the ' Spotlight ' method and I used Diamond Glaze on his diving helmet. The shells are from my local beach - I went hunting for the teeny tiny ones :-)

So, all you have to do fur this Challenge is produce a creation which has a CAT as the main feature and something to do with LUCK or St Patrick's  Day or a lucky charm or  lucky Kitty you have or whatever you count as lucky . It can be any type of purr-oject and you may use ANY images you like fur these Challenges. I have some FUR-EEBIES fur you, so have a look up top of the Blog if you want to snag some.

You will find Mr LICKY LINKY and your FUR-EEBIE for this month over on the posting for week 1    HERE.  Challenge ends midnight Monday 4th APRIL 2016.


  1. How lovely to live in Greece :-)
    Great card :-)

  2. EEEK! ADORABLE! Love the triple spotlight. Loved your sponge diving story. Lucky kitty indeed. xxD