Welcome to SUYP CATS LOVERS' CHALLENGES. Come and join us with all your Kitty Kreations and snag some furbulous FUR-EEBIES throughout the Posts or from the FREEBIES page at the top of the Blog. You may use any images you like and make any type of projects but a CAT has to be the main focus.


Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Hi there and welcome to WEEK 3 of our furbulous Challenge #4 - LUCKY KITTY.
Well - we can be lucky for all sorts of reasons can't we ? :-D

I am sure you can find something to feel lucky about - right ???
This month I am proud to say that the Kitties are being Sponsored by KNITTY KITTIES, who have kindly offered 3 single Digital Images from their Shop to the lucky Winner - I shall keep my Stamp Prize for you for the next Challenge:-D 

'Eekers' has such gorgeously cute Kitty images in there and I want to buy the whole Shop !!!!! .. in fact I nearly did hahaha    :-D 
Prize; 3 Single Digital Images

I went a-shopping and got me some more KNITTY KITTIES - they are so darn cute.
My project this week is inspired by a true tail  tale from my life.....
When I was renovating my sweet Victorian house, I had got to the upstairs bathroom and a friend of mine offered to help me. 
Now, she is a bit of a neat freak so house decorating etc. was a bit of a nightmare for her.   I was plumbing in my new bathroom suite and there she was behind me sweeping up at every opportunity BUT the main bugbear for me was her habit of picking up every tool I was using as soon as I put it down and putting it back into the toolbox. !!! 
Well - you can imagine how 'miffing' that is when you go to pick up your pipe wrench only to find it ain't there any more.... I say to her "Where is the pipe wrench ? " (and then I have to explain what that is !!) and then she says "Oh, I put it away ".....  For goodness sake !!!  WTF !!! You can imagine how frustrating that can be ????  
 Funny thing how she left instantly when I finally wrenched out the old toilet and you could see right down into the pipe where the poop goes !! Hahaha  .... definitely totally out of her comfort zone !! :-D

So anyway - I found the image of KNITTY KITTIES called ' DECOR KITTIES ' and I have teamed it with  ' Big Eye Kawaii Leprechaun ' by LIZZY LOVE. She's holding a pot of paint instead of a pot of gold :-)
The images were coloured using Prismacolour Pencils. The Font I used for the sentiment is called 'Celtic Knots'. 

" (Sigh_.... Yes - I'm soooooo lucky you could help me decorate !! "  

Background papers from Doodle Pantry ' St Paddy's Digi Papers '.

So, all you have to do fur this Challenge is produce a creation which has a CAT as the main feature and something to do with LUCK or St Patrick's  Day or a lucky charm or  lucky Kitty you have or whatever you count as lucky . It can be any type of purr-oject and you may use ANY images you like fur these Challenges. I have some FUR-EEBIES fur you, so have a look up top of the Blog if you want to snag some.

You will find Mr LICKY LINKY and your FUR-EEBIE for this month on week 1 HERE.


  1. Ha ha cats are so "helpful" >^-^<
    Fab card :-)

  2. love this!
    very pretty card
    Bad Kitty's Craftroom

  3. What a fun card, and the sentiment is purr-fect!

  4. OMG!!! This is soo stinkin' cute! I need to get coloring! xxD