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Monday, 7 March 2016


Hi there and welcome to our furbulous Challenge #4 - LUCKY KITTY,  Week 2.
Well - we can be lucky for all sorts of reasons can't we, not just for St Pat's Day. We can be lucky to have a fabulous Mother and I am sure you all showed your appreciation to yours last Sunday.  My Mum passed years ago but I am lucky to have a furbulous daughter who is a mother herself, so I sent her some flowers :-D
I am sure you can find something to feel lucky about - right ???

This month I am proud to say that the Kitties are being Sponsored by KNITTY KITTIES, who have kindly offered 3 single Digital Images from their Shop to the lucky Winner - I shall keep my Stamp Prize for you for the next Challenge:-D 

'Eekers' has such gorgeously cute Kitty images in there and I want to buy the whole Shop !!!!!   :-D 

Prize; 3 Single Digital Images
Eekers gave me this lovely digi and I have tried to make it into something nice. !!!
I had some sort or gardening mishap yesterday and two fingers and half my hand  have swelled like sausages so I am not so lucky at the moment.  I am hoping it wasn't a snake !! I was unable to finish making a card for the coloured digi but I managed to do a bit of a digi scrap page instead. !! :-(  Click and drag I can do but cutting, sticking and folding, I can't !!! LoL

So, all you have to do fur this Challenge is produce a creation which has a CAT as the main feature and something to do with LUCK or St Patrick's  Day or a lucky charm or  lucky Kitty you have or whatever you count as lucky . It can be any type of purr-oject and you may use ANY images you like fur these Challenges. I have some FUR-EEBIES fur you, so have a look up top of the Blog if you want to snag some.

You will find Mr LICKY LINKY and your FUR-EEBIE for this month on week 1 HERE.


  1. Delightful card :-)

    Hope your hand is better soon xx

  2. EEEK, Ike! Hope your hand is okay. Snakes? I HATE snakes, but I LURVE your sweet kitties with their Mum. Adorable Page. xxD

  3. Oh, my goodness, Ike! You need to have that hand looked at, in case it was a snakebite! EEEK! Maybe you can soak it in Epsom salts until you can get to the doctor. Take care of it!!!

    I am so sorry your hand is out of commission, but the digital LO you made is just adorable!! That Mum Cat and Kits is so sweet. I am so in love with Knitty Kitty's images....and you know that I really do NOT do digis hardly at all. You are the one who got me started using them on a very occasional basis with your super-awesome kitty art! :)

    Take care and get well soon!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  4. Hope your hand is alright and hope you are feeling better! Your creation is awesome! Love what you did with it!