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Monday, 8 February 2016


Hi there and welcome to our furbulous Challenge #3 - KITTY LOVE.
 Did you see that we are up to 72 fur-tastic Followers already ?? :-D  I reckon we will have a little celebration when we reach 100 - some Prizes and schtuff aifinkso :-)

Soooo - we are now into WEEK 2 of our current Challenge...

... and I have made a little stitched creation fur inspurr-ation this week.

This was made using a stitching pattern from FORM-A-LINES called " Fanciful Cats Set " by DJ Designs. There are two other patterns which I shall be making up this week to show you soon. :-) You can visit their Store HERE.

I stitched them with just 2 threads of ordinary sewing cotton and then added some teeny googly eyes :-)

All you have to do fur this Challenge is produce a creation which has a CAT as the main feature and something to do with Love or Valentines Day. It can be any type of purr-oject and you may use ANY images you like fur these Challenges. I have some FUR-EEBIES fur you, so have a look up top of the Blog if you want to snag some.

You have 1 MONTH for your creation and the Linky will close at Midnight on Monday 29th  FEBRUARY 2016.
Come along then - out of those kitty baskets and sharpen up those claws. You may enter as many times as you lick  like  :-)

Meeuw creations only please - NO Back-licking  Back-linking. !!

Mr LICKY can be found HERE.


  1. What a beautifully stitched card :-)

    Haven't made one for ages - (thinks about getting out the silks lol!)

    1. Coool - we like to be an inspiration -) Thanks for purring in :-D xxx

  2. You are so cool, Ike! String art is very trendy right now! I have never tried it but was looking at some templates online - did not see any kitty patterns when I looked (but then again I was searching for free stuff haha). This looks amazing! And the fact that it's kitties makes it more so! Super impressed with this! Should have some more kitty love cards in me for this month so hope to be back!

    1. Thanks Kitty - I love doing these but haven't dug them out for aaaaages :-) xxx

  3. That is gorgeous!!! How artistic! Love it!
    Thanks for the heads up on my blog; I've got it listed now; can't believe I forgot. DER! :)

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment :-D x

  4. WOW! LOVE this! So do Goliath and Jezzebel. xxD