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Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Hello Furry Peeps,
I hope you all had a purr-fect festive season ? :-D
I am popping in to say that we are have a fur-bulous amount of kitty entries so fur,  and to say that CHALLENGE # 2 will start on TUESDAY 5th JANUARY 2016.
I have another fur-tastic Sponsor fur you and now that my purr-cels have been delivered, I have some superb Prizes fur our fur-ture Challenges :-)

To add your entry please click HERE.

Here are some snaps of some of my little Furry People to show you :-D

                                                                         SHRODINGER - on a grumpy day :-)

LOUIS - purr-manent Foster from a friend

WIDGET - having an... 'if I fitz I sitz' moment :-D

PITSIRIKI when I first got him for hand-rearing !!!

DUDE - pretending to be fruit !
SCOOBY -sadly no longer here

KOLIN pretending to be a parcel

GHANDI wanting to be a parcel too :-D

Well - that's all fur now Folks - I will see if I can snap some of the others later :-D
Thanks fur dropping by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. oh so many cute furry friends!
    love them all!
    Bad Kitty's Craftroom

  2. What delightful furbabies you have >^-^<

  3. I love seeing pics of your kitties! Adorable!

  4. You have a beautiful fur crew! Especially like Shrodinger's look. :-)

  5. Love your "cat woman" personna, Ike! I'll have to join in a challenge or two soon!