Welcome to SUYP CATS LOVERS' CHALLENGES. Come and join us with all your Kitty Kreations and snag some furbulous FUR-EEBIES throughout the Posts or from the FREEBIES page at the top of the Blog. You may use any images you like and make any type of projects but a CAT has to be the main focus. Hi, it's Fiki.I decided to keep running this blog challenge as a tribute to our dear friend Sue. ❤ I did not want to see this blog closed, because I know Ike/Sue loved cats as much as I do. She was very devoted on her island to spaying stray cats. Ike is irreplaceable...


Sunday 27 May 2018


MEOW-lo Kitty Peeps.... so sorry I am late with this :-(
Welcome to WEEK 4 of our current Challenge here at SUYP -                                 CHALLENGE # 30  FURRYTHING GOES.

All you have to do fur this Challenge is produce a creation which has a CAT as the main feature:-) You may use any Kitty images you like to play along. There are some FUR-EEBIES up the top on the Freebies page if you would like a kitty to play with. 

It's all been a bit of a nightmare this week so I haven't had time to make anything new but here's an oldie but goodie for you..... a stitched ATC with stamped decorated sleeve envelope :-D

So it's now your turn. You have 1 WEEK for your creation and the Linky will close at Midnight on Monday 4th JUNE 2018.
Come along then - out of those kitty baskets and sharpen up those claws. You may enter as many times as you lick  like  :-)

Meeuw creations only please - NO Back-licking  Back-linking. !!

You will find Mr Licky on WEEK 1

Please spray us a nice calling card comment and make us purr with delight, and feel free to snag a Challenge Badge fur your Blog and go tell all your kitty loving friends  :-D

We now have 160 Feline Followers and our next Purr-ize will be fur when we reach 200 so don't fur-get to go tell all your furry kitty loving fur-ends to come join us. :-)  


  1. Adorable ATC's Ike! So sorry your week has been a nightmare. Not a great month for cats for me and I thought I was too late to enter with today's card and kept looking for the new challenge and then realized I still had time. Yay! Hang in there! xxD